Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Hello and Welcome Back to my Blog!!
I've gotten in quite a few of new CTMH stamps from the new fall/winter idea book over the last couple of weeks.
On page 50 of the new idea book there is a snow globe that doesn't have water. I'm working on making my own version of it. Several consultants have been pondering what the glass piece is that was used in the idea book version. Nobody knows....today I made a trip to Hobby Lobby to try to find something similar. I found a few things: a glass cupcake stand with cover (I think this will look awesome!), a mini trifle bowl that can be turned upside down and a replacement piece for a wall sconce. The sconce is what I'm starting with in my artistic adventure to create my own waterless snow globe.
Here's what the project looks like so far. I've stamped and watercolored all the pieces and I've also glitter glitzed them all. I've got to let them dry then I'll start putting the pieces into the glass piece.

I'll post a finished picture tomorrow so you can see how it turns out.
Have a great night!! And I hope you like this little project tease!!

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  1. I think it could work in a canning jar too. That's what we used to use when making home made snowglobes.